Welcome to my world of creativity & adventure!

I like to write about new places, experiences and things that I think are just great. I’m grateful for the little things. If I go to a small business and have the most magnificent cup of coffee and a tasty donut – I want other people to know about it so they can experience the joy too. If I read a book and it enthralls me and makes me think, I want to share. There is enough negativity on the internet. I want to shine my lightsaber at the internet trolls of the world and say “Take that – and while you’re at it maybe you should listen to this album I just heard because it was AMAZING!”

I hope one day my future novel review says, “thoughtful, honest and hilarious.” That would be the greatest thing anyone could ever say about me. Until then, I’m going to keep on writing.

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Hello fellow member of my tribe! I’m so happy you’re here!