Life is short. Make it count.

12211I’ve been thinking a lot about the movie Titanic lately. In particular, I’ve been thinking about Rose and how Rose survives.

Watching a loved one struggling with addiction feels a lot like that movie. It’s a beautiful ship. Everyone is having a nice time. Then the captain sees the iceberg.

He tries to turn the wheel – nothing happens. The gears are grinding but they’re going too fast. He looks at the iceberg and starts chanting “Turn, turn, turn.” The ship doesn’t turn. It hits.

At this point, Rose has one option – she’s got to get off this ship. The ship is going down.

She waits too long and all the lifeboats are gone. So, she holds her breath and she’s in the water.

There is total chaos in the water. It’s dark, cold and scary. People are screaming.

But, Rose finds a door so she can rest. She thinks, “I’ll just hold on to this door and I’ll be O.K.”

But, it’s really cold and Rose is getting very tired.

Suddenly, there’s a light. It’s a boat.

There is a glimmer of hope.

But, she’s so tired and it’s so cold. She doesn’t have the strength to swim to that boat.

The boat starts to go away.

She realizes she has a choice – she can lay there and die or she can go get that dead man’s whistle and blow the crap out of it.

She gets that whistle and she blows it as hard as she can for those lifeboats.

She’s going to ride those horses. She’s going to fly those planes. She’s going to die an old woman warm and safe in her bed.

And she’s not going to think about that ship sinking. All she’s going to think about are those nice people she met on that boat.

Life is short. Make it count.

And when you need to – blow that whistle.


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