My Morning Routine


I used to be a night owl. I would sleep until 2 in the afternoon every weekend. I was always running late in the morning half disheveled. That was back when I was single and childless.

When I finally became a wife and mother,  I still woke up late for work, but my days were a non-stop to-do list of items for others. I lost myself and all of my interests.

Then a few years ago, I read The Miracle Morning. Something shifted. I found that I could enjoy the morning, that it was opportunity to take back a part of myself. And so I became a morning person.

I would have previously found this impossible. But, it became appealing and enjoyable enough that I began to look forward to it and thus, the habit stuck. I’ve been finetuning ways to hack my habits ever since.

When I wake up, I read. Then I have my coffee. Next, I lift weights. Each movement is choregraphed to a specific song that I love and a specific affirmation. Literally, if I hear the song “Happy” anywhere I feel like I’m supposed to be doing bicycle crunches.

After weights, I have breakfast – usually oatmeal with walnuts and a glass of water. Then I meditate and writing morning pages.  I write down a short gratitude list.

Same routine, same order – every day. If something out of the usual happens – like I have to be out the door earlier – I may meditate, do morning pages slightly later in the day. But, always the same tasks in the same order.

Old me would have rebelled against routine, but I’ve found freedom in it. The rest of my day is just happier, better since I started my mornings this way. I feel centered and less thrown off track by the day’s happenings. I always thought discipline was a cage, but it may, in fact, be freedom.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” ~Aristotle

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