Snow Days


I don’t know why he gets up earlier on snow days. Maybe it’s the excitement of a day off of school. He comes in around 6:30 – “Mommy, it’s cold in here.” I say “Not in the covers…and roll over.”

A couple of hours later I crawl downstairs to get coffee to find the boy camped in an armchair in his pajamas. He has two missions – to watch as much YouTube as possible and to build a go-kart. NTI homework is not on his radar.

I’m going to need more coffee.

I go to exercise. Periodically, he bursts into the bedroom. “Mommy, come downstairs and watch me watch YouTube.”

“Are you ready to do your NTI work?”

“No!” and he runs back downstairs.

This will go on for a while. Eventually, I will turn the TV off.

Tantrums will ensue and eventually, the work will get done.

The dogs will get hugged. The boy will get hugged. The husband will get hugged.

It’s a good day.

Stay warm everybody.


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