The Go-Kart


When the weather gets cold around here, we get creative.

The boy has been in dinosaur pajamas for days. He wanted to build a go-kart and make a shield so he can pretend to be Captain America.

Because, why not?

Our house isn’t insulated well, so I go from room to room with a space heater next to my face. That and 2 layers of all clothing make the Polar Vortex more bearable.

This morning I decided to exercise in the plant room because it’s warmer. I did squats to Justin Timberlake while looking out the front picture window.

Had any neighbor ventured into the cold, they would have enjoyed a show.

Today, we are painting a license plate on the back of this go-kart. He has visions of hurtling down the road in it. We’re strapping it to a dolly. It’s a good thing we have health insurance.

I’m getting bouts of cabin fever which I mitigate by typing blogs, taking photos and reading while curled up in a papasan chair with a heater next to my face.

I look forward to the day when we can wheel the go-kart out into the driveway and take it for a whirl, the sun on our faces and smiles on our lips.

But, for now, Captain America must save the day indoors.

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