I Love You Billy Blanks


Billy Blanks

Back in the 90s, Tae Bo was the latest fitness craze. I had all the VHS tapes. I remember distinctly putting them on in the living room and moving furniture out of the way to start kicking. I found it exhausting. I would shake my fist at the television and yell, “I hate you Billy Blanks!”

There is this section of the video where he yells “Double Time” and strobe lights flicker and your supposed to go extra fast. My ex used to find this really entertaining and would sit on the couch with popcorn to giggle at me.

20 years later and I still have my VHS tapes and VHS player. I’m just not willing to give it up because I bought so many videos back in the day. I’ve moved on to other forms of exercise – mostly calmer forms. I am in training to be a yoga/meditation teacher after all.

Which is why my mood of late has surprised me. Maybe it’s some repressed anger bubbling up from deep introspective work, but I have the urge to punch and kick. I’ve also been watching a lot of Nikita and my son takes Tae Kwon Do. All of this led me to the question – what ever happened to Billy Blanks?

I dug out the old VHS tapes and popped them in. The people in the video looked kind of funny. Billy in particular stood out in his tight spandex blue leotard. What were we thinking back then?

I made it through the workout. I had fun. I was sweaty…but it wasn’t terribly difficult. I remember never getting past the Basic video when I was 25 – but I already think I could move on to the Advanced video in about a week. Who knew? And what of this unfounded hatred I had toward Billy Blanks? I noticed the man was encouraging, said “Don’t give up” and “Good Job” a lot. By God, I think I love Billy Blanks!

So, while the VHS player still whirs to life, I think I may give Billy Blanks another go.

We’ve come full circle me and Billy Blanks. This time I’m ready.

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