Fall is for Writing


It makes me very happy that we now have a coffee shop on Main Street. Writing with a hot beverage while watching the traffic roll by is the best way to spend my lunch break.

I used to just go and sit somewhere. But, I find my mind whirling from work and end up spending my lunch break thinking about work. Writing actually turns off my brain.

As my fingers fly across the keyboard, I am transported to a place free of worry.

I’m working on my third novel, the end of the trilogy. It’s called Infinity. It has past lives and intersecting storylines across time and space. One minute I’m in 2019 and the next I’m in the 1800s.

Speaking of 2019, did you realize kids born in 2000 are now college students? Crazy.

I’m excited to have started a new job.

My hair is long with hints of gray. I haven’t had a haircut in a year. It’s interesting to me because I don’t think I’ve ever seen my gray hair. I kind of like the white pieces – I think it looks witchy and wise.

I love this coffee house with its cool breeze, friendly barista and Pride flag in the window. Am I really in Georgetown?

My new coworkers are fantastic – full of laughter, mirth and kindness. We’re all dressing up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween.

I’m Luna Lovegood – and thus, no haircut for a couple more weeks.

Stay tuned for photos.




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