Soft Days


When I was in England, it misty rained all of the time. It was cloudy all of the time. And yet – I was filled with boundless joy – because I was in England! Our tour guide called these kinds of days “nice, soft days.”

I think of that every time the weather is like this. I like to pretend I’m in England or Harry Potter and I feel a little less grumpy about the rain.

I’ve started reframing all kinds of things that used to make me grumpy.

What? You’re late? Thank you for a few extra minutes of mindful solitude.

Child gone wild? Thank you for helping me practice my patience.

It’s hard this time of year, when the days are dark and the nights are long.

My brain is wired to be grumpy and tired.

It’s a practice – banishing the darkness with candlelight

soothing the cold with hot chocolate

coming in out of the rain on a nice, soft day

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