Kodak Memories


Remember carrying around camera bags with little tubes of film? It seems so long ago now. And yet, most of my memories were captured on cameras with limited photos. You never knew how they were going to turn out. I remember the anticipation of taking them to the drugstore for processing and excitedly picking them up a week later.

I sometimes miss that – having more tangible photographs. Now, I take all of my photos with my phone, rarely have them developed and use Facebook as a photo storage facility.

Sometimes I wish camera phones had been developed earlier. All of my photos of Europe are stuffed in a box in the garage no easily accessible. But, then there are many photos of my youth that I’m glad don’t pop up in social media. My life wasn’t on display back then. And there’s a blessing in that.

This ornament was a gift from my high school friend, Leslie. It’s made out of a photo of us on Halloween. Long ago, I lost touch with Leslie. But, still here she is on my tree.

I remember her being really smart with a thick, southern accent. I have a video of her from my 18th birthday. But, other than this one photo – my memories exist only in my mind.

I’m not sure what is more true anymore – the photo world we display to our Instagram and Facebook or the memories locked away in our subconscious. I sometimes wonder if my memories are accurate, tainted as they are by my perceptions at the time.

But, the photos themselves never tell the whole story. They capture a moment of joy in perhaps a day filled with some boredom or squabbling.

But, maybe that’s why they are precious to us. In the swirl of memories in our muddled minds and in our days filled with tiny irritations – photos remind us of the moments of joy.

So that we can find them again.

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