All the World’s a Stage

Growing up, I wanted to be an actress. It wasn’t so much because I wanted to be someone else. Although I admit, with my social anxiety, it is sometimes easier to act like someone else.

It was because I wanted to live all of the lives.

I wanted to experience every possible life. I had grown up immersing myself in books imagining many possible futures. When I first saw a play as a child – I thought “Wow – those people get to BE anyone they want.”

I was in school plays. I was on the Drama Team. I wanted to major in Theatre but was told that was not “realistic.” So, that dream was pushed aside.

But, dreams always have a way.

Now, when I look back at my life at almost the midway point – I think about all of my jobs. I’ve been a writer. I’ve been a teacher. I’ve directed plays. I’ve been a Project Manager, freelance writer, web designer.

I’ve worked in advertising, banking, non-profits, warehouses, government, tourism, social services, higher Ed, public schools.

I’ve had very unusual relationships with a diverse group of people.

I’ve tried every possible hobby I thought I would like.

Am I flaky? Maybe.

Or did I find a way to live my dream – to live as many lives as possible – to BE everything

Do I have regrets? Sure.

I won’t retire early. I don’t have a stockpile of vacation time. I haven’t attained mastery in a field.

But, I have lived a very interesting life.

I’m not sure, given the chance, that I would choose differently.

I took Dead Poets Society very seriously – carpe diem -seize the day – suck out the marrow of life.

Until I take my final bow, that’s what I plan to do.


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