What’s in that building?

The University of Kentucky is like a small city. Ever the curious sort, I’ve taken to venturing into a new building on my lunch break.

It’s interesting how buildings almost have personalities. I walk into a science building – there are strange smells. The Fine Arts building feels familiar and welcoming to my muse. The older buildings are more enclosed. The newer buildings have higher ceilings are more expansive.

Where are the cafes? The quiet nooks where I can curl up on a winter’s day and read a book?

I remember when I was in undergrad at NKU, I would spend hours in the bottom level of the library. There was a desk cubicle that I had claimed where I would do homework surrounded by the smell of old books.

I’ve always been a fan of local exploration. I’m not sure you always need to take a vacation to have an adventure. Find a street you’ve never been on, wander into the shops like you’re a regular. Notice the architecture. Sit outside and people watch. This is where the ideas for books come from.

I look forward to these daily jaunts. What building will I go into today? I highlight it on a map, write down where the best couches are and places to return to. Every day should have a bit of fun. Once I’ve conquered campus, I’ll find a new adventure.

There is always some delight to be found in your own backyard.


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