The Butterfly

It starts with a knowing that being a happy little caterpillar isn’t working anymore.

I want to play it safe. I wrap myself in a cocoon and become invisible. I retreat when changes are happening inside. I grow quiet on the outside.

I tell myself that I can just stay here where it’s dark and quiet and small.

I can feel my insides starting to unravel. The denial starts to wear thin. It looks like things are breaking down, breaking apart.

I want to go back to being a happy little caterpillar. But, I realize that’s not what I am anymore.

I want to stay in the cocoon.

But, it’s cramped and small.

I emerge into a new world. It’s scary and different. I don’t know quite what to do. But, the colors are more vivid. My wings have room to move. There are more places to see.

The one piece of advice I’ve taken from my father is, “When you don’t know what choice to make, choose the option that leads to more possibilities.”

Who knows? You might fly.


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