Deciding to Doing

I went to a Professional Development class today on goal setting. Historically, I’ve been pretty good at setting goals. I think it’s fun.

But, I wonder about the goals that fail – too focused on the outcome not the process? Not digging down to the why? Not specific enough? No if/then plan?

I realized I had rarely written down the level of detailed steps they suggested. Suddenly, I had a one page plan for a goal with solutions for every obstacle. Oh crap I thought – now I have to do it. I’ve addressed every excuse.

Ah – that’s why some of my goals are vague. I justify that I’m too creative – you can’t pin me down with details. I need to go where the spirit moves me. Mmm…hmmm…

Maybe not. Maybe the spirit can give me a great idea. But, the action is all me. Build some foundations for those castles in the air.

Move from Deciding to Doing.

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