Meditation Before Media

I like texting. Phone calls feel like a form of torture. As an introvert, I have loved technology as it has removed small talk and allowed me to engage on my own timeline.

But, it’s also not really connection. I get a form of stage fright during Zoom meetings. I can’t read the body language and feel any communication beyond the relaying of information is lost.

The over-reliance on digital entertainment has made me anxious. I find it harder to concentrate. I notice the compulsion to check my phone and email dozens of times a day. It doesn’t bring joy.

The joy comes from engagement. When I’m in an exercise class and everyone is struggling through the same movements, even if we don’t talk – it feels like community. When I walk outside and absorb nature with all of my senses, it feels like connection. When I spend time with friends laughing, it feels like friendship.

All of my happiness – true happiness – shows up in real life. So, in 2023, I’m going to unplug more often and see what’s out there in the real world. Join me if you can.


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