The Five Senses

For someone who is so quiet, I have a very noisy mind. Sometimes the most relaxing activities I do are ones that engage my senses. Sometimes the best way to soothe the mind is through the body.

I’m very excited about this Gretchen Rubin book coming out in April, Life in Five Senses. As part of my self care practice, I’ve come up with my five senses portrait which helps me calm down.

My favorite sights include: forests, blue skies with white clouds, an aerial view, daisies, bright colors mixed together, sunlight coming through tree leaves, a very green field, lakes, peonies.

My favorite sounds include: ocean waves, wind, birds in the morning, Enya, waterfalls, dance club music.

My favorite smells include: my husband, my son’s hair, cinnamon, old books, sandalwood, lavender, salty air.

My favorite tastes include: mushrooms, garlic/onions, watermelon, pineapple, dark chocolate with nuts

My favorite touch items include: velvet, flannel, pets, husband/son hugs, warm baths, hot tubs, saunas

So, if I’m having a bad day, I go into my home office, curl up in a flannel blanket. I rub some sandalwood on my temples. I turn on some Enya or ocean wave sounds. I turn on a light I have that swirls rainbow lights on the ceiling and I eat a piece of dark chocolate with nuts.

It’s pure bliss and very smoothing to the mind. It’s become my new favorite practice.

What would your version of five senses self care look like?


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