thumbnailLegacy is my debut novel. It revolves around two characters, Anna Perrault and Jacob Hoffner and is told from each character’s point of view.

Anna Perrault is a writer who finds herself unable to write. At the local cemetery, she encounters Jacob Hoffner, the ghost of one of her ancestors. He empathizes with Anna, and sees a way for her to live out his purpose and her own. Anna embarks on a journey into Jacob’s past, where she discovers tales of Masonic rituals, murder, redemption and hope. In modern day Cincinnati, Anna battles inner demons and struggles to find a way to leave the past behind and enlighten her future.

Legacy is the story of two people trying to leave their mark on the world. As the two stories converge, can Anna find her way out of the darkness into the light?

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S51+zX4hGalLerenity Now is a short e-book I wrote to help people navigate the difficulties in life. I’m not an expert. I’m not a life coach. What I am is a regular person like you who has struggled through some very difficult times.

This book shares my experience, strength and hope in the hope that there will be some part of it you relate to, some sentence that helps, some insight that helps you find serenity now.

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epiphany_thumbnailMy latest novel, Epiphany, is a sequel to Legacy. The setting of this book takes place mainly in Georgetown, KY.

Anna has once again encountered a ghost in a cemetery that talks to her. But, this time, the ghost is a murdered young woman who doesn’t know what happened to her. And so, the mystery begins. Anna and Midge team up Cagney and Lacey style to find out what happened to Barbara Ann.

Flashback to Knoxville, TN in the 1960s, Barbara Ann is a waitress with a young baby and a troubled marriage. She returns home to Georgetown, KY where she struggles to find freedom and forgiveness.

Midge and Anna have one week to solve the mystery and uncover the murderer. Visiting Georgetown for clues and witnesses, they get themselves involved in all sorts of shenanigans before returning to the cemetery to set Barbara Ann’s spirit free.

Loosely inspired by the Tent Girl story of Barbara Ann Taylor’s death in Georgetown in the 1960s, Epiphany tells a story of heartbreak and redemption, love and loss, fear and forgiveness.

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