Fifteen is Fabulous

Nick towers over me and calls me “Little Mom.”

He tries to order three meals at restaurants instead of one. He stays up late but wakes up pleasantly. His temper tantrums have tamed. His voice is deep.

Who is this young man in my house?

I drive him to school daily. He says, “Darn you, Mom” and turns off my radio. Then, he gets out of the car, turns, smiles and waves.  I think that’s teenage boy for “I love you.”

Nick has a British “girlfriend” named Teagan. He met her online playing a video game. They talk constantly.

I thought she was fake like Mr. Snuffleapugus, until I saw her face on his phone saying, “Hello, Nick’s Mum!”

I have to admit, I don’t mind the accent.

He started high school this year. He’s in the Media Arts program and is making a short film. He is taking Japanese and absolutely loves it. I’ve never seen someone so eager to do flash cards.

Last year, he was home all year. So, this is his first year back in person.

He’s more particular about his clothing and sometimes his hygiene when he likes a girl.  He seems to have a lot of friends and a few bullies on the bus. Sounds like high school.

Soon he’ll be driving and dating. In three years, he’ll graduate. It all feels so fast.

For now, I like this young man in my house and I’m proud to be his “Little Mom.”

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